Dubai, let's return to work!

Are you thinking about how to ring your employees back to the office?

Herculean Urban Battle is a proven solution to reconnect company teams, in a safe, sustainable and hybrid way.

Teams start online challenges from the safety of their homes via our platform. Building up towards a mobile outdoor city experience in small teams. Completing assignments at various outdoor locations.

The assignments are diverse, accessible to different generations and adapted to your corporate culture. Ideal for measuring and improving employee engagement in a playful way.

Let's get started!

Let's get started. In 1,2,3!

1.Determine goals, numbers, duration, place and date.

During a short intake call, we want to have a good understanding of your objectives. Our team will work with you to tune HUB to your needs and turn it into an engagement programme with your key messages instead of a "one-off".

2. The battle starts online. Your journey starts.

A major problem with every event, and even more so because of COVID19: activating and motivating people in advance in order to get maximum participation and thus return. Our platform takes care of that.

3. Outdoor final in small teams with lifetime memories.

You know the clichés about team building: aimed at a certain target group. HUB is different. All generations love it and the gamification provides that extra edge. The memories with photos and video' are included.

Happy reunion with colleagues

Seeing each other and experiencing things together: it is still the best way to get your noses in the same direction.

Are you struggling to reunite your employees? Put them at ease with this fun and engaging team concept. An experience that can start online weeks in advance and can therefore start from home.

Strengthen your return to the office with this unique team moment. The Herculean Urban Battle contains all the typical Herculean ingredients: online and offline teamwork, action, fun and authenticity.

Every Urban Battle is custom made. Immediately the start of your renewed employee engagement program!

City Game
Dubai HUB

We will start in advance by creating a private website in your colours. Teams and employees create an online identity, challenge each other and prepare.

The communication (e-mails, posters, flyers,...) will be adapted to your culture. Together, we define a few online challenges to build the atmosphere. Would you like to integrate a step challenge to get homeworkers moving? That's possible! Integrate your charity? You've got it all figured out! Mapping out Employee Engagement? We will!

On the day itself, everything happens both live and interactively. Each team gets an IPad and starts the game via a QR code on their team page.

Why not combine the Urban Battle with a meeting, brainstorm, workshop, dinner or leadership program? We relieve you with 20 years of experience. Let us surprise you and keep it safe!