Happy Herculeans.

Find out why thousands of fans of large and small companies in 10 countries have relied on Herculean Alliance's employee engagement know-how since 1999.

"The majority of our employees work from the office and don’ t have direct customer facing. We wanted to let everybody feel like the customer. Through role plan and gamification we achieved that. Everybody had a lot of fun and learned something. Mission accomplished." - Daman Health case

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We created a tailored program based on 20 years of Herculean know-how. The first focus was on understanding the ACWA Power background and their challenges for the future. We worked closely with the ACWA Power team to understand their needs to the bone. From the various meetings that we had with the teams in communication, HR, events and top management, the intentions of ACWA Power to go for the extra edge became quite obvious. We have rarely seen this level of detail and passion with other clients. - Acwa Power case

The Kanoo Group held their Annual Fun Day at Mushrif Park Dubai, UAE: Close to 700 staff members with their families gathered at Mushrif Park, Dubai on 11th February 2017 to celebrate yet another year of fun and laughter for the Annual Kanoo Fun Day." - The Kanoo Group case

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